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"All of my 4 legged kids have been on Horse Guard supplements for as long as I can remember, and they always look and feel great! I can feed it to my mares, babies, colts, performance horses, the pony, and my 34 year old mare, and I can trust the product for its safety and ability to provide food nutrition for all ages! It has always been a go to product in my barn!"

Dakota O'Loughlin

Facebook User

"We've always used Horse Guard products for as long as I can remember! My mare is on Mega Dose, gives her the little extra biotin for her hooves and hair coat and has a probiotic. I can tell if she is off of it in about 3 days. I've tried other products but always come back it's cost-effective and we LOVE it!"

Kirsten Tharp

Facebook User

"We love horse guard because it is made here in the North West and is something that works amazing! I spent a few months in Texas, and I will say trying to get those horses to have the bloom and health of my ones back home was so hard!! It has really helped my long yearling grow since I got him, as he was not in the best shape 3 months ago."

Ashlee Moore

Facebook User

"Super weight gain saved my 28 year old mules life. I got him for Christmas 2017 he came to me 200-300 lbs underweight. I tried everything to help him gain weight. Finally found horse guard and that's the only supplement I give him! This was him last summer!"

Courtney Peterson

Facebook User

"Horse Guard Super Weight Gain was the only thing that actually worked to put weight on my boy! We were embarrassed to even take off the blanket!"

Shaylynn Martin

Instagram User

"My horse, Phire, has been getting Horse Guard all his life! It keeps him balanced in work and at play!"


Portland, OR

"I've been using Horse Guard for a while now and it has done wonders for the horses. I love it and highly recommend it!"


Wilkeson, Washington

"Horse Guard does wonders for horses of all sizes. I love it for my two minis and have seen definite improvement after starting to use it this summer!"


Salmon, Idaho

"I just got my first horse in May of last year, he is a paint/QH and I got him when he was three months old. I’ve been giving him Horse Guard ever since to help him grow to his full potential. I really like the product and how healthy he looks compared to other yearlings. I am going to continue to use the product for the rest of his years because I like how he does on it."


Scotts Mills, Oregon

"I have a miniature horse that we rescued and I have been trying to put weight on him. Since I used Horse Guard products for hoof health in the past with my other horses and saw huge improvements, it makes sense that I would use Horse Guard for anything health related!"


Carbonado, Washington

"After a 30 year break from the horse world I adopted a horse this past March. I wanted to find a great all around supplement to be sure he maintains his tough hooves, beautiful coat and great health. After speaking with your Rep at our Coastal Farm and Ranch opening here in The Dalles, I know that Horse Guard is right for my Buddy.  I love that he loves it! Thanks Horse Guard!"


The Dalles, Oregon

"I have used Horse Guard for the last 5 years and I cannot say enough good things about it! I have tried other products in the past but nothing tops Horse Guard.  I recommend it to anyone I come across with horses, and I am sure my horses would too if they could talk!"


Portland, OR

"I first found out about Horse Guard at the Albany Horse Expo. I had no idea that we are so low on Selenium in Oregon till I talked to rep about it. I got some and loved the results it showed in my horse! Plus I love that it is made here in Oregon. I love locally produced stuff!"


Portland, Oregon

"My family first started using Horse Guard years ago, with our very first horse. The difference was quite noticeable after we started using the product. Nicer hooves, smooth and shiny coat and brighter eyes. Horse Guard makes for happy and healthy horses; we will continue to use it for years to come."


McMinnville, Oregon

"Lexi is 17 but you would not think that if you met her. Since I've been feeding Horse Guard I notice that her weight stays on better. Thanks Horse Guard."


Lyman, Washington

"We were given a horse that had been neglected - she was underweight, had worms, and was questionable for Cushings. We started her on Horse Guard in addition to her grain, and the difference is amazing! She put on 100 pounds and shed out. She doesn't have Cushings. You have an amazing product."



Nutrition For Healthy, Happy Horses


Selenium the Crucial Mineral, Research & Supplements by Horse Guard

Selenium: The Crucial Minieral

Selenium is an essential nutrient. It's important to look at the way we feed and supplement this to our animals

Key benefits:

• Function as a natural antioxidant

• Helps resistance to viral infections

• Reproduction

• Growth

• Protects integrity of muscle tissues

• Involvement in immune response

Kelsey Johnson Nonella, Ph.D Horse Guard's very own Equine Nutritionist

Ask the Nutritionists

Kelsey Johnson Nonella, Ph.D. and Del Johnson, founder of Horse Guard in 1978, is a certified equine nutritionist. They will help find you the right Horse Guard product.

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