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Hoof & Hair


Horse Guard’s focus is equine supplements and nutrition. We make the best equine hoof and hair supplement on the market. While manes and tails can be show stoppers, hoof nutrition for horses is critical for the overall health of the horse. Everyone has heard the all too true saying, “No hoof, no horse”.  No matter the hoof problem, we have a great equine hoof supplement for you. For a horse that has extremely bad hooves or has had major damage, our equine hoof supplement, Biotin Hoof Blast, contains 100 mg of biotin, zinc, methionine, and MSM. Equine supplements and nutrition go hand in hand to ensuring a happy, healthy horse. Or if hair growth is your focus we suggest Hoof & Hair Guard with loads of oil to protect the hair follicle and 100 mg of Biotin to help hair growth.


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