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Flaxen Eas-E Guard

Flaxen Eas-E Guard is an exceptional natural vitamin E supplement designed for equine use. It is formulated to help horses combat oxidative stress, boost immunity, and optimize muscle and nerve function. This amazing supplement contains powerful antioxidants that protect the horse's body from harmful free radicals that can cause stress. With 1,000 IU of natural Vitamin E in a 1-ounce dose, you can adjust supplementation to your horse’s individual natural vitamin E needs. The natural vitamin E is carried in the beneficial base of flaxseed cake, which provides an additional benefit of anti-inflammatory properties from omega-3 fatty acids. Trust Flaxen Eas-E Guard to help keep your horse healthy and performing at its best!

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This product is worth every penny! I had been looking for a Vitamin E supplement for my daughter's performance horse and with the added benefits of Omega 3s from the flax it was a no brainer. He tends to be picky when his feed is not in pellet form, but eats flax no problem. We tried other synthetic vitamin E products and never saw benefit, with this product we have a sport horse who we know is getting the muscle recovery he needs to perform.

Rob from Colorado

My vet recommended Eas-E. So, I started it on my barrel horses... now I use it daily! They are glowing and I love all the benefits natural vitamin E Plus it's mixed with flaxseed cake. Total WIN WIN! Love this product.

Bobbi from Oregon

Flaxen Eas-E Guard - the ultimate equine supplement to help your horse combat oxidative stress, boost immunity, and optimize muscle and nerve function. 

Made with natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), Flaxen Eas-E Guard offers a range of benefits that help keep your horse's body healthy and strong. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this innovative equine supplement: 

  • - Powerful Antioxidant: Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps protect the body from harmful free radicals produced during stress. Flaxen Eas-E Guard provides 1,000 IU of natural vitamin E in every 1-ounce dose to keep your horse's body protected from oxidative stress. 

    - Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: Flaxseed cake, the beneficial base of Eas-E Guard, is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide anti-inflammatory benefits. This helps reduce inflammation, promote healing, and support overall health in your horse. 

  • - Immune System Support: Vitamin E is essential for a healthy immune system, and Flaxen Eas-E Guard can help boost your horse's immunity. This supplement helps keep your horse's immune system strong, so they can fight off infections and stay healthy. 

  • - Muscle and Nerve Function: Vitamin E is also important for muscle and nerve function. By optimizing these functions, Flaxen Eas-E Guard can help your horse perform at their best. 

    Incorporating Flaxen Eas-E Guard into your horse's diet is easy. The supplement can be added to your horse's feed to provide higher levels of vitamin E. 

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Natural Vitamin E 1,000/ IU oz


    Flaxseed meal mechanically extracted, d-alpha Tochopherl Acetate (natural vitamin E)

    Serving size is determined on equines needs. 1 ounce of product will offer your equine 1,000 IU of Natural Vitamin E.

    Each bag includes an appox 1 ounce scoop.

    To determine what size product you would like, consider the weight of your equine and the number of equine you will be feeding.

    Example: Feeding 1 ounce per day a 4 lb bag has 64 servings OR for 2 ounces per day a 4 lb bag has 32 servings.

    *If ordering regularly, we recommend signing up for autoship and saving 5% on your first order and every recurring order.

    This product can be safely fed to pregnant or nursing mares, weanlings and older.

    2 year shelf life.

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