Super Weight Gain: Product Q&A

Customer: “My horse did not fare well over winter and needs to regain some much-needed weight. He does not care for the taste of Super Gain. Do you have a suggestion to help get him to eat it? Thank you for your help in this matter.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: Sorry to hear your horse doesn’t like Super Weight Gain. It was usually a very palatable product. However, all horses are different. I would recommend trying to feed the product with different types of grain, such as a sweet feed to get him to consume the product. Also, if you still can’t get him to eat it, we do have a 100% money-back guarantee and will refund your money with proof of purchase and the rest of the product.
Customer: “Can I mix your Super Gain with the Trifecta? Both are amazing products but I don't want to overload. I need the joint supplement from trifecta on a mare and also want to get some weight on her asap and I LOVE the Super Gain. Also, I know it hasn't been tested on mares before but wondering the safety of feeding the Trifecta to bred mares. I have had friends use it on theirs with no issues but just want to make sure before giving to my aged broody who really needs the support. Thank you so much for your time and I SWEAR by your products they are always my go-to for any of my needs!”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: Great to hear that you love our products, as much as we do! I wouldn’t recommend feeding Super Weight Gain and Trifecta together because they both contain a full dose of Horse Guard, so you would be double dosing on their vitamin and mineral needs. What I recommend is feeding your mare Super Weight Gain until she gets to the desired weight and then switching her to Trifecta. If you would like to get her joint support while feeding the Super Weight Gain you could add a dose of our Joint Guard, which would help to specifically address any joint issues and not double dose her vitamins and minerals. When considering Trifecta for a pregnant mare, you are perfectly safe. I actually have a 23-year-old broodmare that has been fed Trifecta through both her entire performance and reproductive life, and it keeps her and her babies happy and healthy (she is in foal with another future rock star). Thank you so much for your kind words about our company. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in our products, so we love to hear success stories.
Customer: “Morning, I have a 32-year-old mare who is not holding weight. She is presently on total equine, will eat some chopped hay, gets algae, noni and just began omega horseshine. She is out on 24/7 pasture as well. I came across your product which makes sense. However, we are here in middle Tennessee and I was wondering if your product would work here as well considering you have extra selenium in it. Thanks so much.”
Answer from Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella: It sounds like you take really good care of your mare. As our horses age, it gets harder and harder to keep weight on them. I think that Super Weight Gain would be a great product for you to add to your mare’s diet. Excess selenium shouldn’t be a concern in your area. Tennessee has variable selenium levels, with some areas that are selenium deficient. So your mare may actually benefit from the added selenium. The prebiotics and probiotics, vitamins and minerals, protein, and fat in Super Weight Gain should help your mare to keep weight on. Good luck and thank you for your question.
Customer: “I have a 28-year-old gelding that has become very thin this winter. I started feeding him the Super Weight Gain and some senior horse feed. My question is: Should I also continue feeding the Vitamins or will this cause an imbalance in his vitos & minerals?”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella: Your 28-year-old gelding is benefiting greatly from receiving Super Weight Gain. How much of the senior feed are you feeding, and how much of the senior feed formulated to be fed at each day? If you aren’t feeding at the rate of what the feed is formulated at he likely will have deficiencies. In addition, if you are located in an area that is extremely selenium deficient, such as the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes area, or the Eastern Seaboard your horse needs 3 mg of organic selenium. Most nationally-branded products only provide 1 mg of selenium. You will want to check your label to see how much selenium is being provided. Not only is Super Weight Gain ensuring that your horse is receiving adequate amounts of his vitamins and minerals, but he is also benefiting greatly from the other added benefits. As our horses get older, especially 28-year-old (good job on keeping him going!), their gastrointestinal activity starts to slowly deteriorate. The prebiotics and probiotics will help aid the gastrointestinal tract, helping to digest the food he consumes better. This, in turn, should help him to put weight back on. The protein and fat, that on calorie-dense, will also help him to keep weight on
Customer: “Hello, I have a question about your feed. I actually just ordered a bag yesterday of the standard horse guard to try on my horse. My horse is a little thin right now with a little hay belly. He needs help filling out his top line though. He gets a grass alfalfa mix and has a mineral lick available 24/7. Is this a situation where this feed would help him with his coat condition as well as body condition? Like I said, I already purchased, so this will be the first route we take, just wanted to get general feedback based on the specific situation.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: Feeding Horse Guard is a great step in the right direction. It will take care of any deficiencies he may have and help his coat condition. However, if you are not satisfied with his body condition you have a couple of options. Since you have already purchased the Horse Guard you could also purchase Glow, which is extruded soybeans. It would provide your horse with extra energy from fat and protein to help you build his topline. The second option is to put him on Super Weight Gain. A ten-pound bag of Super Weight Gain will last 20 days. In a dose of Super Weight Gain he will not only get a full dose of Horse Guard, he will also get fat and protein, as well as powerful prebiotics and probiotics, which will help him with any digestion issues he might have. Once he is in the condition that you would like you could put him back on Horse Guard to maintain his nutritional plane. Since you already have the Horse Guard, no worries, the shelf life on Horse Guard is two years. This would allow you to feed Super Weight Gain until you are satisfied with his condition, and then put him on Horse Guard..
Customer: “Hello, I am trying to find the “right” answer of what is best to feed a warmblood yearling to get them ready to show in hand. I am basically feeding them maximum of the feed I am feeding plus a fat supplement and they are not building weight, or muscle. I don’t want to add too much. Currently, they are on Triple Crown Complete and Buckeye Ultimate Finish 25% fat, free choice first cutting mixed grass hay (this mixture of feed was told to me by a Hunter Breeder Handler and a vet-approved it, but it isn’t working out for me). Could I add beet pulp or should I change entirely what they are on?”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella: If I were you I would make sure that your horses are receiving a vitamin-mineral supplement that ensures that they are receiving 3 mg of organic selenium per day. When reading an ingredient label make sure that selenium yeast is the source of selenium, not sodium selenite. I would also consider they may benefit from prebiotics and probiotics. Feeding Super Weight Gain would provide your horse with a vitamin mineral supplement, prebiotics and probiotics, and fat and protein. Unfortunately, not that isn’t one “right” diet for horses. Each horse can respond differently to different diets. The addition of Super Weight Gain to your horses’ current feeding regime might be the missing link.
Customer: “Is it ok to use Super Weight Gain in Tennessee? I read that all your products have selenium, which is not deficient in our area.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: Tennessee isn’t excessively high in selenium, and actually has pockets that are deficient. Therefore, Super Weight Gain would great for your horse. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
Customer: “The list of ingredients doesn’t include potassium- does that mean that there is none? I am a bit confused since the main ingredient is whole soybeans. I understand that soybean meal is high potassium yet soybean hulls are low in potassium. Where do we stand with super weight gain? I have an older HYPP horse with rare but severe episodes.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: The list of ingredients is a list of feedstuffs in the formula….it is not a list of all nutrients… Super Weight Gain contains whole soybeans. Whole soybeans are the whole bean including the hull. Therefore, Super Weight Gain would only provide about 1.2 grams of potassium per day to the total ration.
Customer: “My 14-year-old gelding has a poor topline. Is there any product that can improve that? He is in good shape otherwise.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: There are many factors that can affect topline. However, nutritionally Super Weight Gain would provide him with a high-quality protein, in addition to a great vitamin-mineral supplement which will aid in producing muscle mass over his topline. This supplement along with exercise that engages his back and hind end can help to improve his topline.
Customer: “I am feeding your Super Weight Gain and really love the results I am getting but have a question. I live in Yuma, Az. It has been very hot here. I am concerned about founder with this supplement as it is so high in protein and fat content. I am also feeding alfalfa hay and senior horse pellets. I am feeding a senior mare that I am trying to get back into halter shape. Our hay is not early cutting. So….am I O.K. to continue to feed this supplement or should I be switching to something else? Thank you.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: You are perfectly fine to continue feeding the Super Weight Gain because of the low dose. I’m glad to hear you are pleased with the results. It is an amazing product, and should really help to get your mare back into halter shape.
Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S.

Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S.

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Jordan Mau

Jordan Mau

January 15, 2021

Is it safe to feed Super Weight gain as part of my daily feeding ? Or do you recommend a different product once they get to desired weight?

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