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Not only do we produce the best vitamin and mineral supplements for horses. Our line of Simplete products contains horse vitamins and minerals, oats, extruded soybeans, and flax oil. Supplements for horses cater to meeting vitamin and mineral requirements while most complete feeds are fed to cater to the energy needs of the horse. At the low amount fed, Simplete is different from other complete feeds. Simplete contains a full dose of Horse Guard in 2 pounds, unlike other complete feeds that you must feed 12-20 pounds in order to get a full dose of the vitamin and mineral supplements for horses. Horse vitamins and minerals are crucial for optimal health. Consider the ease of feeding your vitamin and mineral supplement for horses in an easy to feed 2 pound feeding with Simplete. We at Horse Guard understand the need for an easy but effective complete feed that meets all our horse's needs. This is why we feed Simplete Active/Senior to all 15 of our horses.


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