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Horse Guard is a leader in providing quality vitamin and mineral supplements for horses. Our range of products spans from comprehensive all-in-one supplements to single minerals.


At Horse Guard, we understand the importance of providing the right vitamins and minerals for your horse. We have a selection of products to meet your needs, like our signature 2-ounce daily vitamin and mineral supplement Horse Guard.  It contains crucial nutrients that are typically missing from your horse’s diet.  We also have products that provide specific minerals, like vitamin E and organic selenium. Our hoof supplements go above and beyond, offering the highest levels of biotin on the market and combining it with zinc, methionine, and MSM to strengthen and promote hoof health. For those looking for an all-in-one solution, our Mega Dose and Trifecta products have your horse covered. Mega Dose contains a full dose of our signature product, in addition to a hoof supplement and a gut supplement. Trifecta contains everything in Mega-Dose, plus a joint supplement for horses in a simple 8 ounce dose. As fellow horse owners and competitors, we understand the importance of providing the best to ensure happy and healthy horses.


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