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Horse Guard offers the best vitamin and mineral supplements for horses on the market. We manufacture a range from all-in-one supplements to specific minerals for horses.

Horse Guard is one of our most popular vitamin and mineral supplements for horses. It is fed in a 2 ounce feeding daily and contains crucial nutrients that are typically missing from your horse’s diet. For people looking for specific minerals for horses, we carry vitamin E and organic selenium products. In addition, we have amazing hoof supplements that contain the highest levels of biotin on the market, accompanied with zinc, methionine and MSM to build a stronger, healthier hoof. For all-in-one supplement products look no further than Trifecta and Mega Dose. Mega Dose contains a full dose of our signature product, in addition to a hoof supplement and a gut supplement. Trifecta contains everything in Mega-Dose, plus a joint supplement for horses in a simple 8 ounce dose. Whether you are looking for high-quality minerals for horses or great joint supplements, Horse Guard has what you need. We are horse owners and competitors ourselves. Together we can ensure happy, healthy horses.


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