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Flaxen Line: Product Q&A

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Flaxen Flow

Customer: “We battle itchy horses. Do you have any suggestions? We supplement with vitamins and minerals and salt and flax and chondroitin and spirulina and iodine with just enough feed to get the medicine to go down. We don’t supplement with selenium as we live in an area (Houston, Texas) that is good (we think) with selenium w/r/t hay and grass. Our horses are on hay and grass. It seems we need to address the immune system…. Any feedback would be appreciated. We started the horses on half a scoop of the horse guard a month or so ago. One gelding with the poorest hooves of all had exfoliated material scrapped off his hooves this morning. First time in who knows how long…farrier said to keep up with whatever we were doing.”   
 Answer by Ph.D. equine nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: It sounds like you are taking very good care of your horses. Flax helps to ease skin irritations. They may be itching because of biting insects or dry skin. I would recommend applying fly spray multiple times a day and bath them 3x times a week to soothe inflamed or itching skin. Our Flaxen line is Flax Seed based and will help. Flaxen Flow is 100% Flax Seed Oil, which will be a high concentrate of Omega 3's. I hope this helps. We are glad that you like the Biotin Hoof Blast! Our love for horses, drives us to produce the best products out there.

Flaxen Flix

Customer: "Can you tell me the starch and sugar content of your Flix product? How are you binding it into pellet form (with sugars?)" 
 Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella:
Thank you for the question. The starch and sugar content on Flix is 1% and 8.5%, respectively. Flaxseed has shown to actually lower blood sugar spikes because of the fatty acid balance. The balance provides anti-inflammatory properties, positively affects glucose metabolism, helps control insulin levels in the body, and supports thyroid function. As far as binding the pellets, there is nothing added to put them into pellet form. They are simply cool-pressed under extreme pressure, which leaves about 12% of the oil in the pellet. Of the oil left in the pellets there is 55% omega 3 fatty acids and 14% omega 6 fatty acids.

Flaxen Glow

Customer:“I have been a long-time customer in California (Lompoc area) who has been feeding Glow & Horse Guard. I now want to start feeding a second horse Glow but not Horse Guard and just wanted to make sure that wouldn’t create any imbalances for him.”
 Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: You can add glow to any diet like any other feedstuff. If the horse is receiving a balanced diet with no vitamin/mineral deficiencies just adding glow to the diet would be great. Horse Guard addresses any deficiencies that he might have.

2 Responses

Lori Wagner

Lori Wagner

August 03, 2023

I have a horse that has I think stomach ulcers. She is a cribber Will Flaxen flow help her?
Horse Guard :
Hi Lori,

Thank you for the question. The omega-3 fatty acids in Flaxen Flow help to reduce inflammation that is associated with ulcers. Alfalfa and beet pulp, rather than a grain-based concentrate, along with a vitamin-mineral supplement such as Horse Guard can also help prevent ulcers.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions.


Dr. Kelsey Nonella

nicole holt

nicole holt

January 17, 2022

Hi there, I live in the north and don’t have a heated tack room. will the flax freeze? If so, could I add it to soaking beet pulp? I do this at my house and my horses aren’t kept on my property. So I have to bring it with me to feed.

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