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Feeding A Pony For Success

Feeding Your Pony 

In general ponies are easy keepers...

But that doesn't mean you can neglect managing their nutrition. Ponies are overachievers when it comes to utilizing their feed efficiently and converting their food to fat. This poses a higher risk of obesity and metabolic diseases. A close watch on their feed intake is suggested. Limiting grazing on green grass and reducing or eliminating any feeds high in starch and sugar. Ponies still require the same vitamins & minerals as their larger counterparts. Horse Guard or Mega Dose is a great way to ensure they are getting the multivitamin they need without adding extra calories.

Feeding The Underweight Pony

While usually the latter, some ponies do in fact struggle to hold weight.

Putting weight back on a pony can be hard as you do not want to increase the risks of metabolic diseases by loading them up with a carbohydrate-filled or high starch concentrate. Super Weight Gain is great for helping them gain weight without increasing their risk of diet-related disease. With only 4% sugar and 2% starch, it's a safe and efficient option for ponies. Plus its got prebiotics, probiotics, and live yeast cultures to maximize digestibility so they get more out of all their feed. 

Supplementing Your Performance Pony

Whether they are hunter ponies headed to pony finals or little eventing machines, their athletic abilities need to be reflected in their diet if they are performance ponies. If their workload is equal to that of a larger competition horse, a complete supplement like Trifecta should be considered to help cover their joints in addition to hooves, GI support, and a vitamin & mineral.

The Breed Of Your Pony Can Influence Their Nutrition

When evaluating your pony’s nutrition there are many factors to take into consideration like work load, climate, and especially their breed. Your Shetland ponies, Icelandic Ponies, and other smaller hardier breeds will have very different requirements than your lighter pony breeds like the German sport pony or Connemara. Recognizing your pony’s individual needs will ensure they stay happy and healthy. If you aren’t sure what your pony might need let us help! Reach out to our Certified Equine Nutritionist to get personalized recommendations on the perfect diet for your pony.

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