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The Grandeur of the Clydesdale Never Ceases to Impress!


To many Americans, the Clydesdale is synonymous with the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company. Their famous TV commercials, which usually air during Christmas and the Super Bowl, are seen by millions of people annually and are filmed with the company's own horses who comprise a series of hitches throughout the country. Apparently, the qualification process to make one of those teams is as stringent as someone trying to become a Dallas Cowgirl! The process is worth it, however, as it results in some truly magnificent looking horses that have earned them many fans across the country and around the world.

draft horses

Indeed, few horse breeds impress true horse lovers, animal lovers in general, and even casual observers, like the Clydesdale. One of the largest of the draft breeds, these heavy horses exude grandeur on a completely different scale! Reaching 18 hands high (6 feet!) at the withers, and capable of weighing over 2,300 lbs., the Clydesdale earns respect with its imposing presence. Yet, these intelligent, gentle, cold bloods truly shine when worked. First bred in Scotland for use on farms, they quickly became common in commercial settings as well, seeing work hauling loads at coal fields and along the streets and towns of Scotland. As word of the Clydesdales capabilities spread around the globe, the breed was introduced on other continents as well. Nowadays, the Clydesdale still sees use amongst farmers, primarily the Amish and eco-friendly farmers who eschew modern equipment; but they also see duty on historical "working farms". However, the Clydesdale is also used on the show circuit and make excellent pleasure riding & trail horses. Some are even used for therapy!


Given their reputation as strong, hardy horses, the Clydesdale is capable of exceeding expectations for what a horse can handle. This is proven in their health record as well. An overall healthy breed, they primarily suffer from pododermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin of the foot. This condition is prevalent among horses that are subjected to wet, muddy conditions for extended periods of time. Horses with white feet, like Clydesdale, seem to be susceptible to pododermatitis.


An immense horse requires an immense amount of food. On average, the Clydesdale requires about twice that of a typical light horse, meaning 25-50 lbs. of hay daily! Thankfully, Horse Guard Inc. developed a range of products to provide your horse with scientifically proven, balanced nutrition. Given their seemingly unflappable physiology, Clydesdale can benefit from our Simplete High Performance formula, which is a 2 lb. daily supplement featuring the perfect combination of oats, extruded soybeans, Probiotics & Prebiotics, and Omega-3 oils along with the nutrient package of our 4-in-1 Trifecta supplement. Try our Hoof and Hair Guard, which provides 100 mg of biotin per dose, along with support from important nutrients such as methionine and zinc. It is carried in extruded soybeans, which provide high-quality protein and oils, both of which aid in hair conditioning and hoof health to keep your Clydesdale looking & feeling great!


Since our creation over 35 years ago, we have strived to make horse health and customer service our highest priorities. Contact us today at (800) 553-4246 to learn why we remain steadfast to that promise and why we proudly live up to our slogan of Happy Healthy Horses.

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