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The Morgan.... An American Legend

John G. Avildsen's multiple Oscar-winning film Rocky (1976) won the hearts of moviegoers worldwide because of its underlying storyline, an adaptation of a theme used for ages, and with great effect. That of an underdog who rises up from obscurity to attain greatness. To horse lovers here in the United States, Justin Morgan could be a name synonymous with Rocky Balboa. Like the fictional boxer, this stallion rose from obscurity and attained greatness because of his speed and strength, but only after being noticed by his second owner, Justin Morgan. Ultimately this horse would become the genesis of an entire breed of horses simply known as Morgans. Recognized today for their quality, dependability, and versatility, the Morgan is known for having wonderfully pleasant personalities with exceptionally cooperative and willing attitudes. These attributes make them an ideal horse for beginners and experts alike.

morgan horse


What endears the Morgan to so many people are its aforementioned abilities relative to its size. Categorized as a light horse, their bodies are distinctly compact, yet strong and agile. Standing, on average, about 14.2 to 15.2 hands tall, they have handsome, chiseled heads and short, well-shaped ears. Their necks are elegantly shaped, yet strong and supple. Their legs have always been strong and capable, as evidenced by their countless accomplishments in competition, on the farm, and on the battlefield. Overall, these physical qualities present Morgans as having strength, elegance, sturdiness, and alertness all in one outstanding animal!


Historically known for being easy-keepers that are typically long-lived at 20-30 years (some longer), Morgans are a very healthy breed overall and suffer remarkably few problems with their legs and feet. They need a minimum of grain and grass compared with most other breeds. That said, overfeeding is one of their only main health concerns. However, since proper supplementation of daily feed can benefit even the healthiest and sturdiest of horse breeds, Horse Guard Inc. developed a range of products to provide your horse with scientifically proven, balanced nutrition.


Morgans can benefit from our Simplete High Performance formula, which is a 2 lb daily supplement featuring the perfect combination of oats, extruded soybeans, Probiotics & Prebiotics, and Omega-3 oils, along with the nutrient package of our 4-in-1 Trifecta supplement. All this makes Simplete a truly simple, complete, and concentrated nutritional supplement for performance horses of all varieties.


Since our creation over 35 years ago, we have strived to make horse health and customer service our highest priorities. Contact us today at (800) 553-4246 to learn why we remain steadfast to that promise, and why we proudly live up to our slogan of "Happy Healthy Horses".

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