Why Mane, Tail, and Coat Health Is Important To Your Horse...

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Walkthrough any large retail pharmacy or supermarket and you'll come to an aisle dedicated solely to hair and skincare products. Shampoos, conditioners, creams, moisturizers' The choices are staggering! Yet, it should come as no surprise that many Americans spend a lot of time and money on their looks. It's a source of pride & beauty for many and a link to their youth for others. But it can also be an indicator doctors use to signify potential health issues. The same goes for our horses.

Mane, hair, and coat health is important to the overall health of equines.

Etiological reasons of skin or coat issues could be stress, hormonal changes, dehydration, swift weather changes, and allergies. These conditions can lead to itchiness and general discomfort for the horse, causing it to start rubbing its neck, back, or flanks against everything possible, potentially damaging the coat in the process. One of the most common issues is seborrhea (read: dandruff) a condition characterized by scaling and crusting of the coat which can manifest itself as dry (seborrhea sicca) or oily (seborrhea oleosa). There are shampoos available to help correct the underlying cause, yet as doctors and veterinarians alike will tell us, a proper diet can keep certain health and dermatological issues from ever forming in the first place.

Horse Guard Inc. offers a variety of products that provides balanced nutrition and coat conditioning for your horse.

The first is Glow, of which the only ingredient is extruded soybeans. This not only serves as a high protein, high-fat feed supplement, but the soybeans retain all their essential oil, providing visible improvements to your horse's coat. We also offer Hoof and Hair Guard, featuring biotin and the same extruded soybeans as Glow, thereby being a great supplement for hair growth and coat conditioning as well as strengthening hoof structure.

Both products are wonderful ways to shine up a horse's mane, tail, and coat. Even if there aren't any issues, we think you'll agree about how great your horse will look after using our products. Contact us today to order some for that special horse in your stable!

Del Johnson

Del Johnson

Equine Nutritionist, Founder of Horse Guard Del created Horse Guard in ’78 after noticing selenium supplementation in cattle and sheep; yet nothing was on the market for horses. Since then, Del and his wife, Lori have put their heart and soul into creating the strong brand we know today, Horse Guard. Raising their two daughters, Ty and Kelsey around horses has kept the girls intrigued in equine nutrition as well, enough so that they are both deeply involved in the business today. Del and Lori are slowly “loosening the reins” on these two and enjoying every minute of it.

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