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Performance Nutritionist Q&A

Customer: “What’s the best feed for a racehorse?”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: I would recommend supplementing your horse with Trifecta. It is the perfect supplement for a high-performance horse, such as a racehorse. It will provide your horse with a complete vitamin/mineral supplement, hoof and hair supplement, gut supplement, and a powerful joint supplement, which is very important for a horse that body is heavily taxed from performing. This along with high-quality hay and a concentrate should ensure that your racehorse can perform at his or her highest level.
Customer: “I am battling with what horse feed to give my gelding. He is a 9yr old barrel horse in training. He has a heavy workload. His coat and hooves are healthy. He needs to gain a little weight and muscle( i just bought him). I usually prefer a textured feed and want something is more natural and healthy while giving him every component he needs. I also am looking for affordable.”
Answer by Equine Nutritionist and Owner, Del Johnson: If you are in the area of a Coastal Store get our complete feed, Simplete. Simplete Senior/Active would be perfect for this horse. It will look to be expensive per bag….but is feed at 2 lbs a day and you get so much. All of our performance horses are on this. Truly amazing. If you cannot get Simplete I suggest that you feed a grain of your choice with Super Weight Gain. It provides all Horse Guard vitamins and minerals plus additional probiotics, oils, and protein supplement.

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Morgan Andrews

Morgan Andrews

November 15, 2021

Currently battling with my Arabian on keeping her weight on during the winter months. She was on clover pasture (dry, very little to no nitrogen, but high protein which kept her fat!) now with the winter I am struggling with her supplements. I am close to putting her on dry milk just to keep her rideable during the winter. She is currently on as much beet pulp as possible, free choice hay, senior grain by nutrena(mainly so she eats her alfalfa pellets) 4-6 scoops of super weight gain, forco for her gut, B15, magnesium maleate for her psycho attitude, and then fall grass occasionally. Oh and corta flex muscle gainer. Not to mention 2 different oils of whatever is affordable to slow her speedy digestion. She is also on another type of probiotic to keep her from colicing (she stress colics, as in you look at her the wrong way and she colics we have been colic free for 3 to 4 years now).

And she gets extra lysine. She has a high metabolism that I cannot keep up with at all. She is a mix breed (Arabian Walker) I always joke and say that I wish yall had a more concentrated version of super weight gain for sport horses.

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