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Simplete: Product Q&A

Customer: “I’m trying to choose between the Simplete products (essential, active/senior, high performance) but the guaranteed analysis on the bag does not show the vitamins and minerals. Do you have the vitamin and mineral analysis like is shown for the Horse Guard and Trifecta products? Also, do you have the analysis for the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids?”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella: Simplete essential, and active/senior each contain a dose of Horse Guard every feeding, which contains 3 mg of organic selenium and 500 IU of vitamin E per feeding, and all their other vitamin and mineral needs. To look at the full analysis go to In addition, Simplete Senior has 3000 mg of glucosamine and MSM, and an additional 3000 mg Vitamin C and 3600 mg Lysine. Simplete high performance contains a full dose of Trifecta, which contains 3 mg of organic selenium and 2000 IU of vitamin E and other trace minerals, 32 mg biotin, 500 mg zinc, 5000 mg MSM and glucosamine, 100 mg hyaluronic acid, and prebiotics and probiotics. For the complete analysis, you can visit When looking at omega 3’s, Simplete essentials and high performance have 36,000 mg of omega 3’s, and Simplete Senior has 39,000 mg of omega 3’s.
Customer: “My horse chews wood, and I am hoping if I add some more supplements it will curb that need. I feed him 2 lbs of Well Solve LS, Hoof blast (Biotin), one scoop of Tyrol-L and I ordered the Simplete Essential and was to start adding that to his diet. He has surgery 1 year ago and they removed part of his coffin bone. He had thin soles and now has good sole thickness. What would you suggest for the Simplete Essential amount?”
Answer from Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Kelsey Johnson Nonella: It is great to hear that your horse is doing better after his surgery. I think Simplete would be a great option for you to feed your horse for simplicity for you. You may consider feeding your horse Simplete Senior/Active, which would add more MSM and Glucosamine. I recommend feeding him grass hay, 2 lbs of Simplete (whichever you feel is the best fit for your horse), Tyrol-L, and Biotin Hoof Blast. I assume that this horse had laminitis. If you have access to two different qualities of grass hay I would recommend feeding a couple flakes of good quality grass hay morning and night, and then as a filler feeding a lower quality grass hay to him so that he can nibble on it throughout the day. Typically, wood chewing is done due to boredom. By giving him access to the lower quality grass hay all day this may turn his attention to the hay rather than the wood..
Customer: “I currently feed omega horseshine to our horses but was wondering if you had a horse guard product that was comparable. Thanks.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: I would recommend Simplete. In 2 pounds a day it will not only provide the omega 3’s from flaxseed oil, but it will also provide them with a complete vitamin/mineral. It is an absolutely amazing product that we feed all 15 of our horses.
Customer: “Hi, I am wondering how much Biotin is in a 2lb serving?”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: In a 2lb serving of Simplete Active/Senior there is 4.5 mg of biotin. If you want more biotin you could either add Hoof Guard to your Simplete Active/Senior, or switch to Simplete High Performance. Simplete High Performance contains Trifecta which has 32 mg of biotin and higher levels of joint support with the addition of hyaluronic acid.
Customer: “I’m interested in replacing most or all of my supplements and/or grain for my horse with those from your company. She currently is taking SmartDigest Ultra, Horse Guard, Biotin, and Mare Magic. Could you please let me know what products you carry which are compatible to the above products? I would like to buy locally from now on.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: You have a couple of different options. You could replace the SmartDigest Ultra, Horse Guard, and Biotin with Mega-Dose for ease in feeding. In a 4 ounce dose, you get a full dose of Horse Guard, 32 mg of biotin, and a complete digestive supplement. If you are looking for more of a grain, to replace all these supplements you would want to feed Simplete High Performance. It is fed in a 2 lb feeding, and it would also provide joint support for your horse. Both are great options, just depends on what you prefer to feed. With either option, you can add the Mare Magic.
Customer: “As I read it the Simplete contains all of the same things as the Trifecta is that correct? I am trying to find the best overall feed/supplement in just one of your products. I currently feed Horse Guard and my senior horse gets Horse Guard as well as the Weight Super Gain. I would appreciate your suggestion. Thank you.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson-Nonella: Simplete High Performance contains a full dose of Trifecta (which includes a full dose of Horse Guard, Hoof Guard, probiotics, and a great joint supplement) in addition to flax oil, extruded soybeans, and rolled oats in a 2lb feeding to a 1000 lb horse. It is an amazing product that we feed our own 15 horses. Simplete Senior/Active contains a full dose of Horse Guard, probiotics, and half the joint support that Simplete High Performance provides as well as flax oil, extruded soybeans, and rolled oats in a 2lb feeding to a 1000 lb horse. It is a good ration balancer for a horse that is lightly exercised, has good feet, and may have some arthritis. Simplete Essentials has a full dose of Horse Guard as well as flax oil, extruded soybeans, and rolled oats in a 2lb feeding to a 1000 lb horse. A great ration balancer that is easy to feed. With any one of the Simplete Feeds you will no longer have to supplement with Horse Guard and/or Super Weight Gain. Also, Super Weight Gain has a full dose of Horse Guard in it, so no need to feed your senior horse Horse Guard when you are feeding Super Weight Gain.
Customer: “I’m thinking about switching my senior horse feed regiment to your product. He’s a 22yr old appendix paint 17 hands tall. I’ve gotten him up to a healthy weight he was thin when I rescued him. My concern is I’m feeding a lot of senior grain and I’m worried about the amount of sugar. I’m feeding 6lbs 2x day senior grain and 3lbs 2x day rice bran, good quality hay and bottom ground pasture. I would like to be able to give him less grain and still be able to get him the high calorie intake he needs. He also has a lot of arthritis in his hips. Which of your products would work best for him? I am blanketing him when temperatures drop below 40 degrees.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: I would recommend Simplete Senior. It contains a full dose of Horse Guard, probiotics, and joint support in a 2-pound dose for a 1000 lb horse. So your guy weighs around 1250 you would want to 2 1/2 pounds. You could also consider adding some alfalfa to increase his caloric intake.
Customer: “I’m getting my mare ready for breeding season……she’s on the lean side but we’re getting ready for spring and I don’t want founder. She has 24/7 access to pasture and once spring is here I’ll stall at night turnout during the day. I just weaned her 8 mo filly is why she’s lean. I weight everything out, but I don’t like to go over 3lbs per feeding so was interested in your product. My horse band consists of the 8yr old broodmare, 22yr young gelding, 8-month filly and they’re all quarter horses. Thank you for your time and info.”
Answer by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionist, Kelsey Johnson Nonella: We have some great options for you and your horses. The first product I would recommend would be Simplete Senior. It is fed at 2 pounds a day for a 1000 lb horse, which provides a complete vitamin/mineral pack (with 3 mg organic selenium), rolled oats, extruded soy and flaxseed oil. The Calcium: Phosphorus is the ideal ratio and there is added lysine, which are very important for your broodmare and filly. Simplete Senior also provides joint support and anti-inflammatory properties with glucosamine, MSM, and flaxseed oil, a benefit for both the younger and older horse as research has shown that arthritis prevention is more effective than treatment after onset of arthritis. If you are more interested in just a supplement to take care of their vitamin and mineral needs, I would recommend Horse Guard. It is a daily 2 oz dose per 1000 lb horse. Horse Guard is like a One-A-Day that you would take, but even more important for your horse because they don’t get the variety in their diet that we do. It will provide all the basic vitamin and minerals that are typically missing in feed. Most importantly, it will provide your horses with 3 mg of organic selenium which is important for immunity, reproduction, growth, and muscle function. There are no added carbohydrates and sugars, so just mix it with a handful of grain for your horses to eat it.

3 Responses

Laura Carlson

Laura Carlson

November 23, 2021

Currently I have my 26yr old on Nutrena Pro Force. I do want to say your Horse Guard Weight gain saved her life. She got very sick and normally a 1200lb horse, was down to 970. Thank you. Anyway, would the Simplete subsitute for a pellet feed. She gets hay and water. Lost 3 teeth so is this easily chewable. Also, she is HYPP Y/N and I am not seeing anything that would ignite a reaction. Thank you. I am sold on your products.

Beverly Carruth

Beverly Carruth

January 11, 2021

I have a 23 poco bueno quarter horse in light work. I already give him a joint supplement – FourFlex, and BiotinPlus. I have been using a vitamin mineral supplement as well, of which, the manufacturer has changed its formula. I am looking for another vitamin mineral supplement. Do you have a recommendation?

thank you,


Emily Fuggetta

Emily Fuggetta

November 30, 2020

Hi there! How many calories per pound does the Simplete Performance blend have? Thanks!

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