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We've Got The Skinny on Equine Weight Management

Unfortunately, many of us struggle with weight at some point in our lives and it's inevitable that at some point, a doctor or a veterinarian will tell us that weight is an issue with ourselves or an animal companion. That medical professional will then offer suggestions to hopefully help the patient, or they may present a diagnosis as to why weight is being gained or lost compared to the typical weight of that particular patient.

Super Weight Gain for managing Equine weight and health.

There are few things that upset horse owners and aficionados more than seeing a skinny, underweight horse. And while there are malnourished and neglected animals out there, there are plenty of horses who are well-loved and well-managed who just happen to be underweight. It is important to remember that the activity level of the horse plays a role in its weight, just as it does in humans. Horses that are for dressage or pleasure tend to be a little heavier, by default, than those used for racing or endurance competitions. Similarly, if the general temperament of a horse is "hot" or excitable, that horse's metabolism may be faster than a "cool" horse whose temperament is calmer and may feature a slower metabolism as a result. Again, as is sometimes the case with humans, faster metabolisms generally equal a lighter organism because food is being converted into energy, and thus, utilized more rapidly.

Horse Guard Inc. offers scientifically developed products that provide balanced nutrition and weight management for your horse. The most prominent is SuperWeight Gain, which features high protein, high-fat soybeans to satisfy a wide range of caloric needs. It also contains methionine (an essential amino acid) and pre & probiotics and live yeast cultures for digestive system support. Lastly, it contains the vitamin/mineral and organic selenium dosage of our signature product, Horse Guard (also available separately).

Weight issues and management can be difficult to contend with, and we at Horse Guard Inc. understand that. However, we also think you'll agree about how great your horse will look and feel after using our products. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your horse fit and healthy.

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