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Horse Guard Free Shipping 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Super Weight Gain

Known to horse owners as the most effective weight gain supplement on the market.  Super Weight Gain is actually three supplements in one easy dose that will make a huge difference in your horse. First, it features full-energy, full-fat soybeans that we extrude onsite for weight gain and coat condition. Then, we add both a complete pro & prebiotic supplement to get the digestion going again. Finally, we add the vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard for overall health. Reformulated to include 1,500 IU of Vitamin E per dose!

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“Since switching to Super Weight Gain 3 years ago we haven’t looked back. It offers so much more than any other weight gain supplement. It is now a staple at our rescue.”

Dusty, Arabian Equine Rescue

“Switched my horse to Super Gain. Within a week we saw a noticeable difference. Mostly in his attitude but his weight was starting to fill in. In 3 weeks we had a “new” horse!”

Sharon from Oregon


  • Designed for horses:

    • That got a little thin over the winter
    • Subjected to travel and competition stress
    • Older horses who just can’t keep on weight
    • Neglected “rescue” horses, or horses recovering from illness/surgery

    Super Weight Gain will put weight on horses the healthy way.

    This is the first and best product on the market created for weight gain for horses. Here is why: Most “weight gain” products consist of only fat and fiber. While these calories help put weight on horses, there is a lot more to be done. Super Gain provides all of the nutrients listed below:

    1. Vitamin & Minerals – Horse Guard’s proven balance which boosts the immune system and a horse’s ability to properly retain weight which no other “weight-gain” product offers.

    2. Gut Health – Bacterial and Yeast Inoculants to improve digestibility and stabilize gut activity. They give the gut resistance to disease and increase digestive efficiency. Especially important during stressor events such as transportation, showing, pregnancy, weaning, foaling, old age, heat stress, and medical stress.

    3. Protein – Full Energy Extruded Soybeans are the highest quality protein known and provide an extremely high quality energy source. Both nutrients are essential for horses to build muscle and add weight.

    4. Vitamin E & Organic Selenium – Critical elements in overcoming and recovering from stress. Organic Selenium is the only natural form of selenium. Vitamin E works with selenium providing stress resistance and powering horse health. Super Weight Gain contains 3 mg of organic selenium and 1,500 IU of Vitamin E!

    5. Fat – The basic building block of weight gain and performance. Soy oils provide the calories necessary for weight gain and performance.




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