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Horse Guard Free Shipping 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Flaxen Eas-E Guard

Eas-E Guard is a Natural vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) supplement to help combat oxidative stress, increase immunity, and optimize muscle and nerve function. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from harmful free radical created during stress.  The natural vitamin E is carried in the beneficial base of flaxseed cake, which helps provide anti-inflammatory benefits from omega-3 fatty acids. Eas-E Guard provides 1,000 IUs of natural Vitamin E in a 1 ounce dose.

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This product is worth every penny! I had been looking for a Vitamin E supplement for my daughter's performance horse and with the added benefits of Omega 3s from the flax it was a no brainer. He tends to be picky when his feed is not in pellet form, but eats flax no problem. We tried other synthetic vitamin E products and never saw benefit, with this product we have a sport horse who we know is getting the muscle recovery he needs to perform.

Rob from Colorado

My vet recommended Eas-E. So, I started it on my barrel horses... now I use it daily! They are glowing and I love all the benefits natural vitamin E Plus it's mixed with flaxseed cake. Total WIN WIN! Love this product.

Bobbi from Oregon



    1,000 IU of Natural Vitamin E per 1 ounce with Benefits of Flax Seed

    Eas-E Guard has the highly bio-available source of natural vitamin E. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that is vital for muscle and nerve function, immunity, and protecting the body from oxidative stress. Eas-E Guard provides horses that have a higher vitamin E requirement 1,000 IU of natural vitamin E per scoop, giving you an easy way to supplement additional vitamin E. In addition, the natural vitamin E is carried in flaxseed cake which provides anti-inflammatory benefits from omega-3 fatty acids. Eas-E Guard contains no other vitamins or minerals which allows you to increase your horses’ vitamin E levels without throwing off other vitamin and mineral levels. It is recommended to feed with a vitamin-mineral supplement, such as Horse Guard.




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