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Essential Minerals

Essential Minerals is a free choice mineral supplement for horses at pasture who cannot be individually fed a top-dress supplement.

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“During the summer I feed Horse Guard, but in the winter my horses are turned out and I can’t supplement everyday. To insure they still get their selenium and vitamins and minerals I make sure they have free choice Essential Minerals.”

Peggy, from Colorado

“We have a breeding facility and so most of the year our mares are turned out. Horse Guard is the only company that makes a decent free choice mineral mix that actually has decent levels of vitamin and minerals in it.”

Colleen, from Montana Smooth Quarter



    Essential Minerals is a free-choice mineral supplement providing several important minerals, designed especially for horses in selenium deficient areas.


    Selenium is extremely important for immunity and muscle function. In areas that are the selenium deficient, the horse owner must provide a source of selenium in order for the horses to receive adequate levels. The ideal method for the consumption of selenium is through the supplementation of organic selenium daily. However, daily supplementation is not practical for every horse owner. For those that can't supplement their horses on a daily basis the next best thing is a salt controlled free-choice mineral supplement. For these horse owners we have developed essential minerals. It provides 3 mg of selenium per day for the average horse that consumes 1 ounce of salt a day.


    By allowing your horses free access to this product you will be providing your horses selenium, that will aid their immune system in fending off disease, and allowing their muscles to function properly.

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