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Horse Guard Free Shipping 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hoof & Hair Guard

Promote your horse’s hoof and hair growth with Hoof & Hair Guard, a specialized equine supplement that is dedicated to promoting both hoof and hair health. Our powerful formula contains 100 mg of biotin per dose, along with essential nutrients such as methionine and zinc to support overall health. This supplement is carried in extruded soybeans which provide high-quality protein and oils, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve hair conditioning and hoof health. 


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Obsessed with Porsche’s tail! I can’t get over how thick it is ever since I put her on Hoof and Hair Guard.

Julie, from Illinois

“I was mortified when my mare rubbed a section of her mane out, but my friend told me to try Hoof N Hair Guard. Within 10 days it had 2 ½ inches of new growth and in 40 days it was back to normal. Thank you so much!”

Christina, from Florida


  • Hoof and Hair Guard is 100% dedicated to equine hoof health and coat conditioning.


    Hoof & Hair Guard was formulated for your equine's hoof health and coat conditioning needs. This powerful supplement is specially formulated to provide 100 mg of biotin per dose, along with essential nutrients like methionine and zinc, to ensure that your horse's hooves stay healthy and strong while also promoting a shiny, healthy coat.

    Here are some of the key features and benefits that Hoof & Hair Guard has to offer:

    - Promotes hoof health: Hoof & Hair Guard is packed with all the essential nutrients your horse needs to maintain strong, healthy hooves. Biotin is essential for hoof growth and strength, while methionine and zinc help to increase hoof hardness and resilience.

    - Improves coat condition: This supplement is not just great for your horse's hooves, but also for their coat. The extruded soybeans in Hoof & Hair Guard provide high-quality protein and oils, which are essential for hair conditioning and coat health. With regular use, you will see a noticeable improvement in the shine and softness of your horse's coat.

    - Easy to use: Hoof & Hair Guard is incredibly easy to use. Simply add it to your horse's feed once a day, and you're done! The extruded soybean carrier is very palatable ensuring that your horse gets all the nutrients they need for healthy hooves and hair.

    - High-quality ingredients: We only use the highest quality ingredients in our supplements, so you can be sure that your horse is getting nothing but the best. Our biotin is pharmaceutical grade, and all our ingredients are carefully selected.

    - Trusted by horse owners: Hoof & Hair Guard has been trusted by horse owners for years, and it's easy to see why. Our supplement has helped countless horses to maintain strong, healthy hooves and a shiny, healthy coat. 




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