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Super Weight Gain

Super Weight Gain is the optimum weight gain supplement for horses, trusted by horse owners for its effectiveness in enhancing weight gain and coat condition. Our supplement is a combination of three essential supplements in one easy-to-administer dose. Featuring full-fat soybeans, we extrude onsite to ensure that your horse gains weight and has a healthy-looking coat. We also add a complete prebiotic and probiotic supplement to improve digestion and absorption and ensure that your horse is receiving the most out of their feed. Additionally, we include the vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard for overall health, keeping your horse healthy and strong. Our supplement includes 1,500 IU of Vitamin E per dose, providing your horse with the necessary antioxidants for optimal health. Trust Super Weight Gain for the best results in enhancing your horse's weight gain and overall well-being.

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“Since switching to Super Weight Gain 3 years ago we haven’t looked back. It offers so much more than any other weight gain supplement. It is now a staple at our rescue.”

Dusty, Arabian Equine Rescue

“Switched my horse to Super Gain. Within a week we saw a noticeable difference. Mostly in his attitude but his weight was starting to fill in. In 3 weeks we had a “new” horse!”

Sharon from Oregon


  • Designed for horses:

    • That got a little thin over the winter
    • Subjected to travel and competition stress
    • Older horses who just can’t keep on weight
    • Neglected “rescue” horses, or horses recovering from illness/surgery

    Super Weight Gain will put weight on horses the healthy way

    Super Weight Gain is made with high-quality ingredients, this supplement is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your horse's nutrition and health. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Super Weight Gain: 

    -Three-in-One Formula: Super Weight Gain is not just any ordinary weight gain supplement. It's a three-in-one formula that includes full-fat soybeans, a complete probiotic and prebiotic supplement, and the vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard for overall health. This powerful combination makes it stand out from other weight gain supplements available in the market. 

    -Improved Coat Condition: Super Weight Gain contains soybeans that are extruded onsite to improve coat condition, making your horse look healthy and shiny. The supplement provides the necessary nutrients to support the growth of a thick and lustrous coat, which is a clear sign of good health. 

    -Improved Digestion: The complete prebiotic and probiotic supplement included in Super Weight Gain aids digestion by promoting beneficial bacteria in the hindgut. This helps in breaking down food and absorbing essential nutrients more efficiently, leading to improved overall health. 

    -Boosted Immunity: The added vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard enhances the immunity of your horse, making them less susceptible to diseases and infections. The supplement contains 1,500 IU of Vitamin E per dose, which is essential for a strong immune system. 

    -Easy to Use: Super Weight Gain is easy to use and comes in a convenient dose that's simple to administer. Simply mix it with your horse's feed, and you're done! 

    If you're looking for a high-quality weight gain supplement for your horse that offers unique features and benefits, Super Weight Gain is the perfect choice.


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