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Horse Guard Celebrates 3 Years with Art Of The Cowgirl Event

For the third year in a row we've partnered with the Art Of The Cowgirl to help bring happy, and healthy nutrition to the wide variety of competitors that convene in Queen Creek, Arizona every year.  As a woman run company, we are thrilled to endorse an event that embraces hard working horsewomen. With CEO Ty Natalie Newman and nutritionist Dr. Nonella both passionate about their performance horse's nutrition, there couldn't be a better event to partner with. 

What is Art Of The Cowgirl?

Art of the Cowgirl is a five day event where women gather to celebrate cowgirls & their artistic contributions to the western lifestyle. This event raises the necessary funds to support emerging artists in expanding their knowledge and skills via fellowships with master artists in their field. From competitions, clinics, tradeshow, and horse sale, there is something for everyone. You can live stream the following competitions on the Wrangler Network. 

  • Art of The Cowgirl's World's Greatest Horsewoman
  • Open Breakaway Roping
  • Cattle Dog Trial
  • All Women's Ranch Rodeo
Performance Horse Sale

An Inside look with AOTC's Fellowship & Sponsorship Director

We were lucky enough to catch up with Jaimie Stolzfus, AOTC's Fellowship & Sponsorship Director.

How did Art of the Cowgirl come to fruition?

"AOTC was Founder Tammy Pates dream for a long time. She was inspired by her Grandma Betty as she learned how to ride, cook, sew, paint, and many other things from her. Tammy wanted to create a gathering to honor & showcase women in the western arts & horsemanship & give opportunities for people to learn from Master Artists to pass the knowledge along to the next generation, just like her grandma did for her." 

What is your favorite part about AOTC?

"How inspiring it is. There are so many remarkable women there & the education, collaboration, & community created through the event is the best part for me." 

What would you like someone who has never heard of this event to know?

"It is a unique event that showcases so many aspects of the western lifestyle and industry. From the competitions to the tradeshow to the Master Artists and demonstrations- there is so much to enjoy!" 

How does nutrition & management of a horse's wellbeing fit in at AOTC? 

"The caliber of horses and riders that come to Art of the Cowgirl is top-notch. The horses coming to compete are athletes and good nutrition and wellness is paramount for them. Also all of the cowgirls that are a part of Art of the Cowgirl prioritize the best care and management of their horses." 

Where can I find more info on Art Of The Cowgirl?

On Instagram @horse_guard , or on Facebook at Art Of The Cowgirl, on their website and be sure to catch their livestream here!

Horse Guard is honored to support empowering events that put the horse first just like this one. If you think we'd be a great fit for your event, reach out to us!

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