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The Mystique of the Mustang

When people hear the word "mustang", they conjure up images of wild horses running freely throughout the prairies and mountains of the western United States. Indeed, these horses have enjoyed a few hundred years worth of being free from ownership... The true definition of mustang in the Spanish language! But what many people may not realize is that a more accurate descriptor for a mustang would be "feral" because these intelligent, robust horses are descended from domesticated breeds introduced to the Americas by the Spanish in the 1500's.

horse in water

Given their diverse genetic lineage, modern mustangs can vary in size, shape, and color, although most stand about 14.2 hands tall. They are known for being a very sound animal physically, with no specific health concerns. In particular, they are known for having study hooves, making them equally capable of traversing mountainous terrain or just sauntering along your local trail.

The mustang has relatively simple nutritional requirements, a benefit of its years in the wild where it subsisted on what grass or brush it could. Therefore, a mustang is considered an easy keeper and doesn't need a large amount of feed to maintain a healthy weight.

Moving forward, modern-day mustangs are now being adopted. With the correct training, time and patience they can make a great companion or versatile horse to compete with. As mentioned earlier they are hardy durable horse, so an easy horse to have and maintain. 

Nevertheless, Horse Guard Inc. developed a range of products to provide your mustang with scientifically proven, balanced nutrition.

We would recommend Trifecta because it features the complete vitamin & mineral component of our popular Horse Guard supplement, including complete supplementation packages for hooves and joints, along with prebiotics and probiotics package for optimal digestive health.


Everyone at Horse Guard Inc. is mad about mustangs, which is why we have offered a wide range of high-quality products for over 35 years. Contact our expert staff with any specific questions or concerns you may have, or simply to learn more about how our products can help your mustang carry on the spirit of its forebearers!


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Megan McMahon

Megan McMahon

January 06, 2021

I recently bought a 10 yr old gentled gelded mustang. From a recommendation of a friend with mustangs, i feed him 3 flakes of a grass mix and 2 cups of a general pellet feed. I’ve always had hard keeper tbreds so this is very new to me (they ate 3 scoops of food each day). He is thin though and the vet said he should gain weight but I’m not sure if what I’m providing is enough as I’ve not see any signs of gain (he has been wormed). He acts anxious unless outside, but outside isn’t a planted nutritional grass but he chooses that over hay. I’ve bern closing him in until he eats his first flake. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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