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The True Magic of Horses Shines Through In Ways We Can't Always See

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Horses have served many roles in our lives for more than 2000 years. In a nutshell, we have used them for transportation and labor. Yet, there is a role some horses serve in our lives that we can't always see, and that is using them for therapy and rehabilitation. Around 1969, the use of horses for psychotherapy and rehabilitation came into being and continues to gain popularity year after year.

With the rise of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) horses frequently take on the role of therapist. Through their power and majesty, they produce results where their human counterparts often fail.

EAP is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that has an incredible impact on individuals, youth, families, and groups. EAP addresses a variety of mental health and human development needs including emotional & behavioral issues, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, and anxiety. Research has shown that working alongside a horse creates confidence and provides patients with confidence when encountering other intimidating or challenging situations in life. It has long been recognized that the responsibility and character building traits of a strong work ethic, assertiveness, and communication are made stronger amongst those who work with horses. In particular, therapy horses must have a good temperament to cope with the challenges any mental health worker may face. But EAP has shown huge promise for patients receiving this type of therapy.

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Being pivotal to EAP's success, the horses involved need care and nutrition that keeps them healthy so they can function at their best for the patients.  And this is one of the reasons Horse Guard Inc. formed in the first place.

Our Simplete line comes in three varieties, Essential, Senior/Active, and High Performance. Horses benefit from a daily supplement package that helps their minds and bodies perform at their best.

  • The three products feature everything your horse needs except high-quality hay & water.
  • They feature the perfect combination of oats, extruded soybeans, Prebiotics & Probiotics, Omega-3 Oils, and the vitamin-mineral package of our signature product, Horse Guard.
  • The Senior/Active formula adds 3,000 mg of Glucosamine and 3,000 mg of MSM for joint health, along with elevated levels of Lysine, Vitamin C & Vitamin E and Magnesium for an additional nutritional boost hard-working and older horses need.
  • The High Performance formula contains a full dose of Trifecta which integrates a complete joint supplement featuring 5,000 mg of Glucosamine, 5,000 mg of MSM and 100 mg of Hyaluronic Acid; a complete hoof and hair supplement with 32 mg of biotin along with zinc, methionine and MSM; and additional powerful prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.
Regardless of what type of work your horse does, treat it right, love it as part of the family and trust Horse Guard Inc. for all your horse's nutritional needs.

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