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The Unique Characteristics and Requirements Of Thoroughbreds

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Thoroughbred Athletes


The world was captivated with Thoroughbred racing in 2015 because American Pharoah became the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978; one of only a dozen horses ever to do so. Yet, many people may not know that the Thoroughbred is the result of selective breeding, in which humans, not nature, decide which traits are desirable, and therefore, bred for... We have done the same with dogs and corn (among other organisms) for centuries. The key to a Thoroughbred's swiftness is the long distance between the hind hip and hock that allows for maximum thrust when galloping; and the depth of the girth allows for maximum lung expansion. Interestingly, all modern Thoroughbreds are descended from just three "founding" Arabian stallions, none of whom were ever raced... Furthermore, 80% of all Thoroughbred genes are derived from just 30 original ancestors!

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Thoroughbreds are by far considered the most stressed of all performance horses as a result of their astounding capabilities and shallow gene pool. They typically feature fast metabolisms so they require more feed, for their size, than other horses to maintain ideal weight. In this case, Super Weight Gain offers three beneficial components. The first are high-energy, high-fat soybeans which help put on weight. Next, our Pre & Probiotic package supports healthy digestion. Finally, the vitamin & mineral package of our signature product, Horse Guard, is included to address any deficiencies to round out the package.

As the legs and hooves are among the most vulnerable parts of Thoroughbreds, we offer supplements that can enhance their health and strength as well. Joint Guard utilizes the joint-supporting nutraceuticals of Hyaluronic Acid, Chondroitin, MSM, and Glucosamine, while Biotin Hoof Blast offers 100 mg (per 2 oz. dose) of hoof strengthening biotin; at five times the amount found in other hoof products, ours has become an industry leader in this category.

Horse Guard Inc. cares deeply about the quality of our products for performance horses like Thoroughbreds, American Saddlebreds, and every variety in between. We continue to make customer service and horse health our highest priorities. Contact us today to see how we can help your horse be healthier and happier as a result of our balanced nutritional supplements.

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