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We are all so very busy these days and it takes a lot to get us to pick-up the phone and actually call a friend let alone a company we're attempting to do business with. When I do make the call, I don't want to struggle to understand the person I'm talking to. I don't want horrendous hold times nor do I want to enter a 22 digit code and go through 4 levels of Auto Attendant. As someone who earns a living providing customer service, I can't help but want to do "right" by my callers. It's kind of in my genes to want to do a good job and have the caller hang-up happy. Fortunately for me, I am a part of a company that cares as deeply about its customers as I do. In fact, Horse Guard's intention statement is to make products that are of true benefit to horses and sell them in such a way that it creates win-win relationships with the end-users and the distribution channel along the way.

At Horse Guard, create those win-win relationships with a "no questions asked" money-back guarantee and free returns.

We take customer-service a few steps further by blogging on equine nutritional information and attempting to answer questions such as "why is your horse eating dirt" in ways that are easy to comprehend. We even have a form on our website customers can use to ask one of our nutritionists' specific questions about their specific feeding program and we just added Amazon Payments to speed up the check-out process at our online store. Perhaps even more important than all these things is that we try to answer all phone calls on the first ring so that when you do need to speak to us, we are there for you. We go to great lengths to train the folks on the floor of your local feed-store about our products so they can also be there for you. And, our website has an extensive knowledge database so it can be there for you even at midnight on Sunday. We also get that our "ultimate" customer is the horse who is taking our supplements so we very carefully formulate all our products using the most up-to-date nutritional information. We select only the best (not only human-grade but pharmaceutical grade) ingredients and we adhere to strict quality control standards for our manufacturing process in an effort to make sure your horse is truly getting the World's finest supplements. And, right now, is a particularly exciting time for customer service at Horse Guard as the founders are turning over the reins to their two highly-skilled daughters. Their oldest daughter, Kelsey, just returned with her equine nutrition and their younger-daughter, Ty, with her degree in marketing, is focusing on how to communicate Horse Guards philosophy to a modern, technologically savvy world. With the infusion of both of their expertise and gung-ho energy, Horse Guard is rapidly pushing the boundaries of customer service and creativity. To follow all of it, simply like us on Facebook or bookmark our website: You'll want to watch for exciting new videos, cutting-edge nutritional information, and even more testimonials and sponsorship of events important to you. And, remember if you need anything at all, all you have to do is give us a quick call...we promise you won't have to go through four levels of automated attendant!  -Lindsey, office manager

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August 25, 2021

I just bought a yearling I was wondering if the horse guard is something you feed alone or is it a supplement you add to grain?



March 05, 2021

Can I feed a lamb deficient in selenium horseguard!

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