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An unbeatable combination of Biotin, Methionine, Zinc, MSM and Soy Oil. Each 2 ounce dose provides 32 mg of Biotin.


- [man] No hoof, no horse. It's the truth. A horse's health starts from the ground up, literally. Thin, brittle hooves or weak hoof structure can inhibit your horse from having a comfortable, healthy life. Particular nutraceuticals strengthen the hoof and aid in growth. The equine nutrition experts at Horse Guard Incorporated have the perfect solution, Equine Hoof Guard. With just two ounces a day, Equine Hoof Guard contains two to three times more active ingredients than most competing products. - [Jeremy] I recommend Hoof Guard to my clients, because it is the only product I've seen actually make a difference and create sole growth in horse's feet. - [woman] Hoof Guard is one of the most powerful hoof supplements on the market. With 32 milligrams of biotin, zinc, methionine, and MSM to provide your horse with crucial nutrients for healthy hoof growth. - The family members at Horse Guard are lifelong horse lovers. We guarantee that Equine Hoof Guard will deliver crucial nutrients to create happy, healthy, high-performance hooves. If you're not happy, you get your money back. So get Equine Hoof Guard today and make it the last time you run into the problem of no hoof, no horse.
Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S.

Dr. Kelsey J. Nonella Ph.D., P.A.S.

Kelsey J. Nonella, Ph.D. is an equine nutritionist who was riding horses before she could walk. Her love for horses drives her to help educate people on what their horses’ needs in order to have happy, healthy horses. Kelsey went to Cal Poly receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and then onto West Texas A&M, where she got her Masters and eventually her Doctorates in Equine Science. At A&M, Dr. Nonella did extensive research on Selenium within horses. Click here to view her research. Kelsey’s colleagues have mentioned her as one of the United States equine Selenium experts.

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