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Trifecta 4-in-1 Performance Supplement Video


Trifecta is actually 4 complete supplements manufactured into 1. It features the vitamin-mineral package of Horse Guard, plus a complete hoof supplement, a complete joint supplement and a complete pro & pre biotic supplement.


- [man 1] A horse can lend its rider the speed, strength, and grace he or she lacks. In order for your horses to lend you all they have, make sure you give them the supplement that offers them all they need. Trifecta is a powerful performance supplement developed by equine nutrition experts at Horse Guard Incorporated. Trifecta delivers a complete daily vitamin and mineral package, a complete supplement for hooves and hair, a complete probiotic, prebiotic supplement to aid digestion, and a powerful joint supplement. - [woman 1] Trifecta is much simpler to feed than horse supplements. It is also much more cost-effective, and I feel confident knowing that my performance horse is getting all the nutrients and vitamins that she needs to perform at the highest level. - The family members at Horse Guard Incorporated are lifelong horse lovers. We guarantee that Trifecta will deliver all the daily vitamin and mineral requirements to create happy, healthy, high-performance horses or your money back. So give your horses all the support they need with Trifecta. Consider it the small loan for the speed, strength, and grace they'll give you.

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