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Keep Your Performance Horse In Top Form


There are few spectacles more exciting to watch than those involving performance horses. Allowing these magnificent creatures the ability to display their true power and majesty is a sight to behold, especially through events such as barrel racing, dressage, three-day eventing, rodeo, endurance riding, cutting, reining, the list goes on and on. Indeed, seeing a 1000 lb. horse maneuver the way they do is something that delights fans of all ages across the globe. Yet, performance horses, like performance cars, require specialized care to keep them in top form.

Joint care and health is paramount with any type of performance horse.

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In particular, the knees, hocks, fetlocks, coffin joints, and many others are especially susceptible to acute stress as well as daily wear and tear. At Horse Guard Inc., we understand the demands placed on the joints of performance horses, regardless of discipline. Our Equine Joint Guard features a powerful mix of nutraceuticals that have been specially chosen to promote joint health and natural repair. These nutrients components are also found in our Trifecta and Simplete product lines and offer the following benefits for your horse's joints:

  • * MSM: A source of sulfur which functions as an anti-inflammatory and produces structural proteins.
  • * Hyaluronic acid: A nutraceutical that helps restore joint lubrication, much like oil in a car.
  • * Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Nutraceuticals that provide building blocks and aid in the treatment of arthritis. They help control inflammation, stimulate production of joint lubricants, and inhibit destructive enzymes.
We love healthy, happy horses and know you do too. This is why Horse Guard Inc. has been creating total horse-care nutritional products for over 35 years. Visit us on the web or call us at (800) 553-4246 to learn how our products can help your horse live and feel better.

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