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Happy, Healthy, Rescued Equine

Companion, just-started, ridable: whatever you need they've got it.

Minis, ponies, donkeys, horses: if you can think of the equid, they've got it!

Mini Horse rescue

Located in Southeast Bend, Oregon, Equine Outreach has been rescuing horses for 30 years.

They are a registered non-profit organization that works closely with the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and many other Sheriffs and organizations in Central and Eastern Oregon.

Horse Guard has been able to help this wonderful organization for the last decade. Rescued horses are fed properly, given lots of love, and trained. Most of their rescues cases are fed Super Weight Gain and all their elderly and/or critical cases get Super Weight Gain.

Joan (founder of Equine Outreach) says "Super Weight Gain is a must."

Horses that have received inadequate nutrition are most definitely deficient in certain vitamin and minerals. Super Weight Gain contains a full dose of Horse Guard, which meets all daily vitamin and mineral requirements. Also, horses who have been not been getting enough nutrition/feed will not be able to handle large quantities of energy. They must be started back into a normal diet slowly. Super Weight Gain is a daily 8-ounce dose. Due to the small amount of product, rescue/emaciated horses can be started on a full dose immediately. This gives the underweight horse concentrated fat and protein and a full gut supplement. The gut supplement is very important for equids that have been on a poor diet. Without proper digestion and gut activity, equids are unable to get the most out of their feedstuffs.

Donkey equine rescue


All Equine Outreach's project equids and sanctuary cases benefit from the Horse Guard product line. As with all herds, some have hoof problems. Those individuals receive Hoof Guard or Hoof & Hair Guard. Equine Outreach does a wonderful job at catering to each specific equid's needs.

Not only is Equine Outreach helping horses, they are helping people. The organization has a wide variety of volunteer options. If you love horses, but can't afford the time or money to own, volunteer! For the more passionate equine enthusiast, Equine Outreach offers volunteers access to training a horse under their on-site professional trainer. Finally, for people who really want to get involved with horses, adoption is available.

See their trainers and horses in action at the 2015 Rescue Revolution on May 30th & 31st at Brasada Ranch. For more info visit

Brasada Ranch Equine Rescue


We are proud to be partners with this organization. Thank you to Equine Outreach and all their volunteers.

For more info visit

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