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Lamar's 90 Day Difference on Super Weight Gain

Horse Guard's very own project horse.

When we bought Lamar he was 16'1 and weighed 900 lbs. He was clearly emaciated. When we picked him up he was out with 5 other horses who were in fine condition. Lamar is a perfect example of why Super Weight Gain works so well. It was obvious comparing these other horses in his pen to Lamar that something was missing in his diet.

Super Weight Gain addressed 5 different problems he could have had:

  1. Extra Fat- Higher levels of calories needed for an underweight horse
  2. Extra Protein- Meeting any protein deficiencies, building muscle and increasing functionality
  3. Gut Problem- Prebiotics, Probiotics & Live Yeast Cultures
  4. Any Deficiencies- A whole dose of Horse Guard, vitamin and mineral package
  5. Extra Muscle- Increased Vitamin E to build muscles

30 days on Super Weight Gain and Lamar was starting to look and feel better. Lamar had just turned 5 when we bought him, he should have been a goosey, silly five year spooking at everything. He wasn't; he didn't even look around when he was unloaded at Horse Guard. 30 days later he was turning into a different horse, starting to act like a 5-year-old should. 90 days later Lamar was a different horse, as seen below. Be sure and note what a difference on his top line. weight gain horse

The muscle cover over his back and hip are just amazing. As you can see in the before picture his hip was concaved, now it is completely filled out. The difference speaks for itself.

weight gain horse black
Lamar is now a solid, healthy 5-year-old that has a big motor and heart of gold! He was a great project and we all love him here at Horse Guard.


- Ty, Marketing Director at Horse Guard Inc.


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